The best way to wash your clothes by Steamery

The best way to wash your clothes by Steamery

The Best Way to Wash Your Clothes

• Sort colours properly
• Use the right detergent. Silk and wool must be washed with a detergent for fine clothes
• Never overdose detergent
• Always wash in low temperatures
• Use a laundry bag to protect your clothes in the washing machine
• Hang and flat dry

Washing Alternatives

Air your clothes directly after wearing them. Airing is especially good for woollen garments but works for all types of clothes. Airing refreshes the garment and reduces bad odors.

The steam has the same effect as airing but works much quicker and more efficiently. The textile fibers will swell and the fabric will look shinier and more colorful. Steaming thickens the fabric and removes wrinkles.

Misting with Active Bacteria
Misting your clothes reduces bad odors. For optimal results, mist your clothes before using them.

Natural Antibacterials
Wool and leather are natural antibacterials, which means they are less likely to catch bad odors. Keep them fresh by airing them after use.

Stain Removal
Remove stains as fast as possible. Instead of washing your clothes (that will affect the whole garment) target the specific stain.