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Nordesign Mini Dishwasher Tabs 120pcs

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From €0.14 per wash cycle. Environmentally friendly and effective: 120 mini dishwasher tabs for a clean future. Measure out the amount yourself depending on how dirty the dishwasher is and save money and resources.

Environmentally conscious and effective: Mini dishwasher tabs without microplastics for a clean future. Our tabs not only impress with their high cleaning performance, but also with our innovative overall concept. The 120 tabs are unpackaged (no foil) and reach you in a fully recyclable paper bag. We therefore completely avoid plastic packaging and avoid bad packaging waste.

You can dose the tabs yourself depending on how dirty your dishes are:

  • 1 tab = light soiling
  • 2 tabs = moderate to medium soiling 
  • 3 tabs = heavy soiling

The "Wild Lemongrass" aroma not only gives the dishes a clean but also a fresh note. The natural mixture of herbs and fresh elements ensures a pleasant scent experience when emptying the dishwasher without being intrusive. Manufacturing in Germany also ensures low CO2 consumption in the supply chain.

Doing the dishes is the meditation of the kitchen – a cleansing ritual for both plates and mind.

Place 1-3 tabs per wash cycle in the dosing chamber of your dishwasher. For optimal washing results, set your dishwasher to the water hardness in your area. Do not wash crystal glass, aluminum dishes or wooden items in the machine. The packaging is made of paper, so store it in a dry place.



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Ingredients: 15% oxygen-based bleach, < 5% polycarboxylates, phosphonates, enzymes, fragrances

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