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Nudo Konjac Sponge - Charcoal Powder - Purifying Properties

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  • Enriched with Charcoal Powder

  • Healthy Face Cleansing

  • For Oily Skin

  • Dried Semi-circle - 6.5 cm

  • Rich in Mineral

  • Removes Oil, Dirt, Toxins

  • Stimulates Blood Flow

How to use: 

Soften the sponge by soaking it into warm water. Squeeze it to remove the excess water. You can leave it naturally or add your facial cleanser. Gently massage your face. When finished, rinse the sponge, squeeze the excess water out and hang to dry.

Changing the sponge:

Konjac sponges are a great asset to keep your skin healthy, free of bacteria, significantly reducing acne. However, if you use your konjac sponge on a regular basis it will slowly loose its beneficial properties.
In order to keep your skin healthy and clean, it is recommended to dispose of it after 8-12 weeks. If you use it on a daily basis, we recommend changing it after 4-6 weeks.

natural • eco-friendly • plastic free • vegan

At nudo we make sure to only use 100% recyclable paper packaging.

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