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Nuori Caressing Facial Brush - Rose

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This feather-soft brush is the perfect addition to your daily skincare ritual.

  • Use as a dry brush to exfoliate skin, stimulate microcirculation and, with regular use, help reduce puffiness and improve skin texture and tone.
  • Use wet together with a cleansing product for a deeper cleanse and a smoother, more radiant skin.

Handle: silicone
Bristles: nylon

Brush: H: 70 / W:50 / D: 50mm
Box: H: 75 / W: 50 / D: 50 mm


  1. Decolletage - brush from from the middle of your chest up towards collarbones and shoulders.
  2. Neck – stretch the neck by raising the chin. Brush with long strokes upwards from collarbone to the jaw line.
  3. Jaw line – lift up the chin to stretch your skin. Use short upward strokes under the jaw line.
  4. Chin – hide the lower lip to stretch the skin on the chin upwards. Make strokes from the middle of the chin area and outwards.
  5. Cheeks – stretch the skin by moving mouth and jaw to the opposite side of the area being brushed. Use circular strokes in an outwards direction.
  6. Above upper lip – use short and energetic strokes from cupid’s bow and outwards.
  7. Nose – brush outwards from the nasal spine and tip of the nose.
  8. Eye area – brush outwards to the temples; first above, and then below, the eye.
  9. The Third Eye (glabella) – use short upward strokes between the brows.
  10. Forehead – brush the entire forehead from the center towards the temples.
  11. Face profile - complete your treatment by using long downward strokes from the front and the back of the ear. This will help with the final lymphatic drainage.

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