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Andyourstories Palo Santo Incence Wood

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With its sweet, citrusy, warm woody scent, Palo Santo is deservedly becoming more and more popular in Europe due to its special helping properties and unique appearance. The beneficial power attributed to it helps to neutralize physical tension, calms the emotions, and harmonizes the mind.

It helps ward off negative energies, so it has an excellent space-cleansing effect, just like white sage.

Palo Santo has a really intense smell, it is enough to smoke it for a few minutes, if the goal is a longer smelling or a ritual, then it is worth keeping it moving or blowing on it sometimes for a more powerful smoking.

The tree burns out by itself, so it does not require special extinguishing, but in any case you must make sure that it has really been extinguished.

Each Palo Santo tree is unique, no two are alike.
A bundle contains 3 incense sticks approximately 10-12 cm long. You will find 1 bundle in the package.

Palo Santo incense sticks are certified products from ethical and sustainable sources.

How to use:

Light the end of the incense in a few moments and smoke where you want to fill the space with positive energy. With your smoke, you can clean your entire home, if you walk around with it in all rooms, the windows are worth keeping open so that all the negative energy can leave.
Once you are done with the space cleaning, in a ceramic, shell or other heat - resistant bowl, vaccinate or cut the end with scissors (this is not required for this Palo Santo incense tree and rope smoking) and leave it in a bowl.

More Informations

Ingredients: The incense bundles are made exclusively from dried plants / herbs, which are derived from a qualified and sustainable source.

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